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Each issue will contain specialty articles which allow marketers and government organizations an opportunity to make a great impression on prospective customers.  Articles are an effective way to introduce your business, program or product to potential customers and other stakeholders.


Here an opportunity for your firm to grab the spotlight and write a feature on one of the topics below.  Or, if there is another topic you feel would be of interest to our audience, we welcome your contribution.


There are opportunities for one issue or multiple issues.  Let us know of your interest by going to the Article Host page .



Making Your Job Easier
Operations Management

Starting and running a business is not for everyone. Financial backing and a great idea are not enough to make a business successful; a combination of select skills are required to take the business in the right direction and ensure it maximizes all opportunities. Success is never guaranteed, but the right mix of skills can help tip the odds.  


These articles will offer tools, insights and information to assist business owners succeed.



Digging Deep
Information on
Trenching and Other Equipment Use

Excavation and trenching are among the most hazardous construction operations. Excavation know-how is needed for the installation and repair of utility lines, replacement of water and sewer lines, swimming pool construction, even grave digging. Excavation projects vary considerably, each with its own set of unique problems.


These articles will help guide owners to help avoid hazards on the job site.

News About Paint

Stay up to date with the latest painting industry products and developments. 

The paint coating industry is constantly evolving; new products and techniques are developed almost daily.  Last year's great paint coating or product may not be compliant with today's government regulations.  Conversely, a product that failed last year, may have been reformulated to now work well.  

Hooking Up and Plugging In
Contracting Opportunities

Government and private sector firms are interested in locating qualified emerging, MBE, DBE, WBE & VBE firms.


Information will be presented on how businesses can maximize their potential to secure contracts.


veterans  matters

These articles address the needs of Veterans and offer advice and direct Veterans to services available to them as business owners.


And most importantly, offer insights to help Veterans successfully operate their businesses.


Customer Service

Relate to Your Customers?


It is extremely important to know what your customers want because their satisfaction is what will help your firm to grow. Customer service, in order to endure smooth running of the firm, and to get positive feedback, should focus on the following points:

  • Customer’s order history

  • Their contact record (emails/meetings/phone calls)

  • Any changes in order patterns

  • Feedback from customers

  • Inquiries about new products and services

  • Feedback from suppliers


Insurance Matters

Risk reduction is critical in the construction industry.  

The Insurance Matters articles will outline insurance concerns across lines of insurance along with surety bonding.  

Hispanic worker 1.jpg

owner's spotlight

Self-made industrialist Andrew Carnegie was the wealthiest man on the planet in the early 20th century developed many traits of a great leader including this one:
"Great leaders have the ability to step outside themselves and imagine the perspectives of both their subordinates and their competition."


We want to acknowledge great leaders in "Owner Spotlight".

We invite you to nominate an individual who operates a construction, architecture or engineering business who you  feels is a great leader.


See the critera and nomination form by clicking below.



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