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Owner Spotlight

Owner Spotlight 

Deadline for Nominations for Fall/Winter Issue is Extended Until September 27, 2019

Scroll down for online nomination form

Starting a business takes great courage.  The ability to operate successfully comes as a result of hardwork, dedication and innate traits that help define and shape the individual.  


“Owner Spotlight” will feature and highlight a business owner in construction, architecture or engineering who have demonstrated their ability to operate a successful business and who has a well-defined vision, not only for their organization but for their community and their industry as well.


We not only want to highlight this individual in the magazine but we also want the winner to share some pearls of wisdom with other businesses that may assist them in achieving a greater level of success.


If you know someone who runs a successful construction, architecture or engineering business and has exhibited the characteristics listed below, we would like to feature him/her in “Owner Spotlight” starting with our next issue.  The deadline for the next issue is September 27, 2019.


Anyone can nominate an individual you feel is deserving as long as they meet the criteria.


The nomination cannot be secret to the nominee because we will need to obtain a few items from them in order to complete their nomination. These are described in the operation section below. 


Nomination Criteria


I. Leadership and Management Ability


1. Honesty-Whatever ethical plane they operate on when a business owner is responsible for a team of people, it is important to raise the bar high. His/her business and its employees are a reflection of him/her, and operating honestly and ethically is an important attribute to be possessed by an effective business owner.


2. Delegation-One of the most important skills a good leader must possess in order to grow their business is having sufficient confidence to delegate tasks to the appropriate individual/s or departments.  The nominee must have demonstrated this trait. 


3. Communication-Has the ability to clearly and succinctly describe the task at hand, the vision for the business, and successfully engage with others both inside and outside the business.


 4. Confidence-Have the confidence to be able to assure everyone on his/her team that setbacks are natural and that the important thing is to focus on the larger goal.  As the leader, the nominee must possess the ability to remain calm and confident and help keep the team feeling the same.


5. Creativity-Has demonstrated his/her ability to think outside the box and choose wisely which of two bad choices is the best option.


6. Commitment-An individual who leads by example; who expects his/her team to deliver, and demonstrates his/her commitment not only to the work but to his/her promises.


II. Operation


1. Business has 1-50 employees.


2. Has operated the same business five or more years.


3. Can provide 3 Letters of Recommendation (LOR) from a minimum of three project owners or primes as to his/her follow-through and successful completion of projects and the reference must disclose the project amount.  You can download a copy of the (LOR), found after the online nomination form, below.  You should give the LOR to your nominee so he/she can give it the Recommenders.  These letters ARE part of the completed application.


4. The business has annual revenue of greater than $1,000,000 (this will be determined based on the cumulative value of the projects indicated by the references).


The deadline to submit your nomination is 5:00 p.m.


Use the online form below.  If you encounter any difficulty submitting the form through this method, you can download the complete nomination form by clicking the link below and email it to:  Please include the following in the subject line:  OWNER SPOTLIGHT NOMINATION.


The fields on the nomination form with the red asterisk (*)are required.



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